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Its 6 oclock in the morning and you are about to walk out the door to load your horse for a day of barrels. Its wet out where you are but no rain, but what is it like up at Spurs? You drive up there only to find trailers pulling out of Silver Spur because it is pouring down rain. What a pain. Well now, you can check the news before you go. Simply check before you head out to see if the show has been cancelled. Event news is great to see the out come of other events or reminders for up coming events.


Contact Us

If you have questions concerning the site or the club you can send an email directly to the site. Or Check the Members list to see the person you need to contact directly. If you want to get in touch with other members, post a pony for sale, you can register and post on the message board.


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If at first you are unable to access your desired form, hold down your left Ctrl key on your key board. Also look at the top of the screen for a yellow bar. A pop up blocker may be keeping you from your file. If this doesn't work, please write to the site with a return email and the form will be delivered to your e-mail.


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There have been a couple tricks to opening the newsletter. Try these steps first. Upon opening the newsletter, is it in an Adobe Reader Window? Is it boardered by a black background? Then hit your Esc key in the left corner of your key board. That should bring you to an Adobe Acrobat Reader Window that you can now view the other pages. All Forms are now PDF form. Make sure to hold down your Ctrl Key if you have a pop up blocker. If your download does not start, there is an option on the page to "Click here". If you still can not get the desired form, please use the contact us form and the forms will be emailed to you.


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Once you have signed up for the site, you will need to click the login again and then select "Join this site" Make the selections you want to apply to your account such as recieving emails from this site.


FROM THE WEB MASTER...Concering any changes to the site, or additions of information, you must contact Erika Anderson. All other inquiries can be directed to the "Contact Us" form. Any trouble with site registration or unable to download from the site can be directed to;


Melody Honeycutt